Welcome to Envision

Our approach is an investment in you and the behaviors you engage in. We believe, “Longterm profits are best achieved not by making them the primary goal of your business. Long-term profits are a result of having a business cause, producing a great product, having engaged employees and committed and loyal customers, developing collaborative relationships with supply partners, and demonstrating concern for the community and environment.”


The Preplanning Concept, and Why It’s Important

Envision Strategic Partners provides you with a wealth of tools to help facilitate the important and sometimes complex preplanning process. As your clients take the time to sit down as a couple or with children, family, friends, neighbors, clergy or other loved ones to discuss and preplan final wishes, we’re supporting you at each step. Our proven model not only provides peace of mind for your clients but helps steer each of them through the most selfless thing they can do for their loved ones that will be left behind.


To create a thriving organization that expands from mutually beneficial relationships, helping funeral homes grow in a healthy honest way. We do this by expanding their sales potential and training their leadership team and sales people to become effective in their roles. We hire and attract staff members that share our values and culture.

We treat them well and pay them competitively. We show loyalty and support creating an atmosphere of happiness, productivity, love, and commitment. We create a culture that lives its values and shares them with our clients.