About Envision Strategic Partners

Our Vision

We strive to create a thriving organization that expands from mutually beneficial relationships, helping funeral homes grow in a healthy honest way. We do this by expanding their sales potential and training their leadership team and salespeople to become effective in their roles.

We hire and attract staff members that share our values and culture. We treat them well and pay them competitively. We show loyalty and support creating an atmosphere of happiness, productivity, love, and commitment. We create a culture that lives its values and shares them with our clients.

Spencer Larkin Chief Executive Officer Envision Strategic PartnersSpencer Larkin has worked in the death-care industry for 23 years. During his time as a division manager, Spencer honed his team-building skills, attracting talent and training team members to form a reliable workforce. With his Executive MBA and undergraduate accounting degree from the University of Utah, Spencer is well suited for his current role as a corporate executive. He manages organizational development, system development, and overall operations of Larkin Mortuaries with an emphasis on communication and client relations. His creativity and problem-solving skills ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of during one of the most difficult parts of life.

West Foulger Chief Operating Officer/President of Business Development Envision Strategic PartnersWest Foulger has been a leader in the death care industry for over 22 years, focusing primarily on preneed cemetery & funeral sales and marketing. His experience at SCI, Stewart Enterprises, Security National Life Insurance Company and privately owned companies prepared him to co-found the third party marketing company, Envision Strategic Partners. He has helped develop and execute innovative ways to build a strong and lasting preneed sales program. Throughout his career he has successfully worked with over 50 funeral home brands both in corporate and family owned sectors. West understands the inner workings of the deathcare industry, and he is prepared to help you navigate the process.

Erin Creger National Sales DirectorErin Creger joined the death care industry almost 7 years ago after a personal experience with her grandmother helped her discover her passion for helping families pre-arrange. Before that, she worked as a sales leader for over 20 years. Those years of direct-selling and team-building helped prepare her for a rewarding career in the funeral industry as a Preneed Sales Counselor and Manager at Larkin Mortuaries. She earned the Homesteaders Life ‘Rookie of the Year Award’ in her first year and maintained the “Million Dollar Producer” status and won multiple awards for her sales efforts over the next 3 years. As a Preneed Sales Manager, Erin now recruits, trains, and motivates a successful sales team and supports some of the most successful and compassionate pre-planning sales counselors in the country.

Travis Toone Regional Sales DirectorTravis Toone has been with Envision Strategic Partners since the Fall of 2018 but has been in the preneed industry for over 12 years. He started out selling for a local funeral home before becoming an area manager over a small team of mortuaries and agents. He also owned and operated his own preneed company before joining the Envision Management Team. He has associated with several preneed insurance companies, but he loves working with Homesteaders Life Company the most. After selling their products for 10 years, he would recommend them to any agent or funeral home owner. He is currently a Regional Sales Director for Envision Strategic Partners where he works with mortuaries in Southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Arkansas. He is grateful for the many relationships he has formed while serving in this industry. He takes pride in serving families during the most difficult times of their lives and is a firm believer in the pre-need program we offer.

Michael Escalante Regional Sales DirectorMichael Escalante graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in psychology and neuroscience. He transitioned from a years-long career working in high-end restaurants, utilizing his knowledge of service while serving families in deathcare. Getting his start in the funeral industry with SCI, Michael quickly found fulfillment professionally helping families in both preneed and at-need roles. Currently residing in Southern California, Michael works with Envision as a Regional Sales Director, assisting in recruiting and training counselors to provide meaningful send-offs and long-lasting memories via pre-need sales.

Heather Kelley Director of Sales and SupportHeather Kelley started in the funeral industry as an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, and a one-year Funeral Director Intern. After some time away from the funeral industry, she returned to the workforce as a client support specialist for a Medicare insurance firm. Years later she started at Larkin Mortuaries & Cemeteries as an advanced planning and aftercare specialist eventually becoming the Director of Preneed Sales Support. In January 2016, Envision Strategic Partners opened its doors and she became the Director of Sales Support with Envision. Her main responsibility is to support the preneed counselors, funeral home owners and managers along with the Envision management and administration staff by overseeing the Aftercare process for all Envision firms. Other responsibilities include reporting, CRM training, community event support, recruiting support, data entry of company generated leads, accounts payable, payroll, and administrative support.